Residential Trips

Residential trips are a memorable and enriching aspect of the school experience. At Hempland we encourage all of our children to partake in the valuable opportunities that a residential trip offers. We offer our pupils two residential visits. In Year 5 our pupils explore the North Yorkshire Moors with a visit to Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre and in Year 6 we take the children to Robin Wood Activity Centre for exciting adventure activities.


Year 5
Peat Rigg - CLICK HERE for more information.

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Year 6

Robin Wood Activity Centre - CLICK HERE for more information.

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We understand and appreciate that the cost of such trips can be somewhat expensive for parents/carers. Therefore, we offer an installment payment method for both of our residential's. We hope that this does not discourage any parents/carers from allowing their child to participate in what is has shown to be over the course of many successful years to be a truly marvelous time for both pupils and staff alike.