Service Pupil Premium (SPP)

The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) has a slightly different purpose to the Disadvantaged Pupil Premium, focusing more on pastoral support than academic progress. The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is an allocation of £300 per child whose parents are connected to the military, which is paid to school. The purpose of this funding is to mitigate any detrimental effects that the demands of service life may place on pupils or their families.

Although we are not in the usual catchment for York Garrison, we do have a small number of Service children at school, including those accessing the Deaf provision, who are an important and integral part of our school community. We recognise that military life can present a diverse range of opportunities and experiences. We are also aware that it has its challenges and understand that aspects of Service life may be a struggle, at times, for some of our pupils and their families.

Additionally, York has a number of military bases close by (predominantly Army and RAF) and with the military drawdown, and/or natural retirement, we have pupils whose parent(s) have recently left military service. These pupils, and the families, may need support as they transition to civilian life.

The SPP helps us to help your children overcome the challenges of service life. The support that school provides will vary as every pupil is different and every circumstance they face is unique. We recognise that the provision may not be directly relevant to one particular child at a specific point in time, the pupil may well come to need this in the future.

We very much value our partnership with parents; if you know that something is on the horizon which may affect your children, please let us know. Equally, if you feel that school might have ‘missed something’, or perhaps that your child isn’t getting the pastoral support you feel they need – do please contact your class teacher and ask about accessing this additional input.

Service Pupil Premium funding goes towards addressing a number of identified needs including:

• ELSA training for a designated member of staff, who works proactively and reactively to deliver support for the social and emotional wellbeing of pupils. The work also involves 1:1 meetings and delivering targeted support programmes.

• Pupil support intervention – to ensure rapid identification of gaps in knowledge, barriers to learning and additional needs. Once these have been established, additional provision, interventions and support can be put in place

For further details on SPP please contact us. More information can also be accessed at and enter a search for Service Pupil Premium.