The Local Governing Committee consists of a combination of people nominated, appointed, elected or co-opted by the City Council, the Parish Council, local community, staff and parents.

Academy Governors help the Headteacher and staff to achieve the school aims. Governors work as a whole group or as part of a committee to assist with:

  • Finance and Facilities
  • Learning and Standards
  • Performance Management
  • Pay
  • Appeals

The agendas and minutes of the meetings of the Local Governing Committee are available to read in the main entrance of school.


No vacancies currently.

Full Governing Body 

Chair: Mr Paul Durham
Vice-Chair: Mrs Claire Theyers
Headteacher: Ms Zoe Lightfoot

Co-opted Governors

Mrs Helen Andrews
Mr Rob Dixon
Mr Paul Durham
Mr Richard Hudson
Dr Barry Thomas
Mrs Claire Theyers
Mr Andrew Ward
Mr Paul Tse

Parent Governors

Miss Kate Rhodes
Dr Jo Jordan

Staff Governors
Miss Rebecca Humphreys

Associate Member

Mrs Joanna Kemp
Mrs Abigail Innes


Mrs Barbara Kybett

Other governing information:

  • To view the governors’ attendance register 2017-18 please CLICK HERE

  • To view the governors' attendance register 2016-17 please CLICK HERE

  • To view the business interest register for 2018-19 please CLICK HERE

  • To view the Pathfinder MAT Scheme of Delegation please CLICK HERE